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Some installations are all about price. This often leaves the integrator with quite a few headaches regarding quality, durability, and where to find the margin. With your name stamp on it, you really want the installation to sound decent. You most certainly aren’t interested in any post-installation troubleshooting. And you definitely need to make a living from these kinds of jobs.

Enter SPK1-AW560-SP.

Developed and tuned by industry wizards, these reasonably priced speakers punch far above their weight, with a rich and full sound normally found in far more expensive sound systems. The design also includes several install-friendly features that will make your life just that little bit easier.

Available in black and white, the speaker pair consist of one active unit and one passive slave. Each speaker provides 102 dB continuous performance, with a frequency response from 90 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB). This makes the SPK1-AW560-SP suitable for a wide range of applications, such as restaurants, classrooms, hotels and huddle spaces.

The master speaker is equipped with unbalanced RCA and balanced terminal block stereo inputs, in addition to a stereo mini-jack AUX. Either input will sum to mono and sum together, should they all be connected at once. Furthermore, the inputs have separate treble and bass control, as well as master volume, adjustable via potentiometers on the rear.

On the output side, there is a terminal block to the passive slave speaker, as well as two minijacks for loop-out and external subwoofer. A three-way power switch provides firm on and off, as well as a 5 minute inactive auto-off.

The speakers are delivered with install-friendly U-brackets, or you can use the industry-standard M6 mounting points on the speaker itself. Furthermore, the box includes a 3m low-profile power cord, a minijack-to-RCA cable and the 4m interconnecting loudspeaker cable.

We are hoping to sell these guys by the pallet, but you should always be able to try a pair via your local distributor. Please contact your local distributor, who should have the SPK1-AW560-SP in stock by the end of October.

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