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Sometimes you need to go big. The DSP-AEC-1410 offers 12 analog ins and 8 analog outs, as well as 8 GPIO ports plus RS232 and RS485 control. The front panel USB port can operate as a two-channel USB record/playback channel, giving the unit a total of 14 inputs and 10 outputs.

As the name suggests, the DSP-AEC-1410 is equipped with advanced acoustic echo cancellation, making it ideal as a centerpiece in web conference installations to eliminate unwanted feedback. Other DSP facilities include EQ, dynamics, mixer, and matrix, which can be freely configured via five processing blocks per channel. PTZ camera control is also supported, allowing you to choose which channel’s thresholds should trigger the camera’s presets.

For critical applications, two parallel-wired 1410s can be set up in Redundancy Mode, for automatic changeover in case of power or component failure.



Need a small-format, cost-efficient, no-nonsense DSP for those lighter installations? Our DSP-AEC-0606 should have you covered! Featuring 4x4 channels of balanced audio, plus a 2x2 USB interface for computer recording and playback, the 0606 should be a perfect fit for the job.

For those of you familiar with our DSP-AEC-1010-DA, the 0606 is basically the same model but without the 4x4 Dante connectivity. This leaves the 0606 with the following features:

  • 4 x balanced analog in and out, with integrated mic pre and +48V
  • 2x2 USB (with processing) for recording and playback
  • DSP processing including EQ, dynamics, mixer, matrix and AEC
  • RS232 and RS485 control ports
  • Dual Ethernet with PoE capability.



Both units utilise our new DSP 2.0 software, with features such as USB processing, export/import device snapshots, light/dark GUI mode and more.

An open API allows for easy third-party control.

As an option, programmable control panels (sold separately) offer the end user hands-on control to parameters set by the integrator.

Both models are available to order now, for delivery in August. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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